Bonide Sucker Punch, RTU, 32 oz., Pack of 2


This case pack includes 2 bottles of Bonide Sucker Punch Ready to Use Spray.

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Stop your ornamental or fruit tree from sprouting after pruning with Bonide Sucker Punch Ready to Use Spray. This hardy herbicide prevents suckers or sprouts from overtaking your established fruit tree, for a larger yield. The ready-to-use spray is simple to apply, easily covering new sprouts that appear after a proper pruning. The water based emulsion in this mix covers the sprouts, keeping them from pulling energy away from your existing plant, so the tree can form larger and hardier fruits such as apples and olives. It may also be sprayed on ornamental, woody plants like river birch or sycamores, for a lovely shade tree. Help your established orchard tree grow fantastic fruit with this Sucker Punch Ready to Use Spray. Made in the USA.

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