AquaBundance Modular Sleek 2 Bed Aquaponic System


AquaBundance Modular Sleek 2 Bed Aquaponic System

With adequate sunlight and the proper environment for plants, you can grow edible fish along with a wide variety of leafy greens, herbs and fruiting crops year round.

This configuration employs our Sleek Beds as grow beds for those whose spacial needs may require a more rectangular bed. Media beds available in two colors! (terracotta or grey to match the fish and sump tanks)

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Product Description

Grow your own edible or ornamental fish along with a wide variety of leafy greens, herbs and fruiting crops year round!

Additional media beds can easily be added on for future expansion.

Installation, Design and Consultation services are available for this product.

The Grow Beds

Media Beds – 2
Extra thick 1/4″ food safe, UV protected PE plastic designed to never bow under the heat and weight of outdoor aquaponic gardening
12″ deep, 28″ wide and 44″ long, giving approximately 8 sq ft of growing space
Includes matching Media Guard.
Features grip handles at either end large enough to fit two adult hands
Lip at 1.5″ below the top rim to indicate the “dry zone”
Comes in 2 colors – Terracotta (shown and Light Grey (to match the fish tank and sump tank).

The Fish Tank – 200 Gallon
Extra thick, food-safe, UV protected grey PE plastic designed to never bow under the heat and weight of aquaponic gardening.
33″ deep, 55″ in diameter, supporting 200 gallons of water. These are ideal dimensions for creating a healthy environment for growing approximately 40 edible fish up to plate size annually.
Upgradable – You can upgrade your tank to 300 gallons for a few dollars more
Downgradable as well – if you are worried about space constraints you can order a smaller, rectangular fish tank that will better fit your greenhouse space.
Fish Tank Window Kit – see the “Select an Option” menu above to include a Fish Tank Window Kit with your system. Does not come pre-installed due to shifting during shipping.
Includes an aeration bar to provide constant oxygenation to the fish tank.
Includes a fitted drain at the bottom of the tank.

Sump Tanks – 1
Sump tanks that are each 72″ x 24″ x 18.5″, holds 130 gallons and fit perfectly under your grow beds.
They are grey, PE plastic, food-safe and UV protected.
Ideal for raising fingerlings or as a nursery/hospital tank

The Plumbing
Plumbing Fittings – We’ve included all the bulkhead and plumbing fittings you will need for your system. We’ve even included a few extra pieces to give you maximum flexibility in laying out your system. (1″ and 2″ PVC is not included. We figured this is inexpensive and easy to find, so it does not make sense to ship it all around the country. Plus you will have more flexibility with your layout if you cut the PVC lengths yourself.)
Bell Siphons – Each media grow bed comes with it’s own media guard and bell siphon assembly for fast, reliable drainage.
550 GPH magnetic drive, submersible pump. The pump is upgradable up to 2400 GPH.
Oxygenation bar to add a constant supply of oxygen to your fish tank
4 outlet air pump for additional tank oxygenation.
20 feet of air tubing and four 6″ air stones

Digital tank thermometer
API Master Test Kit
Medium Cycling Kit
Aquaponic Gardening Online Course
Thorough, illustrated instructions.
A trusted support team that will be there to help you at no cost by phone or email for as long as you own your system.

GROW LIGHTS – If you are growing indoors you will need grow lights. If you add them to your AquaBundance system order at the time of purchase we can include them with your system delivery at little, or no, shipping cost. Here are the grow lights we suggest for this system: GOOD – AquaLight 3’x3′ HID Kit will light do an excellent job of lighting your entire grow bed for vegetative plants, and the inner 3’x3′ for the fruiting stages. Hang 6″ – 2′ from the tops of the plants and replace bulbs after one year of 16 hour/day use.
BETTER – More lumen power = better, more productive growth. AquaLight 4’x4′ HID Kit will light do the best job of lighting your entire grow bed for both vegetative and fruiting plants. Hang 1′ – 4′ from the tops of the plants and replace bulbs after one year of 16 hour/day use.
BEST – Add a 4′ Light Rail to your AquaLight HID Kits to completely eliminate hot spots and shadowing.

EXPANDED CLAY GROW MEDIA – This is our hands down favorite grow media because it is light weight, lasts forever, and is easy on your hands! Each EasyReach Grow Bed requires 225 liters of grow media. You can also use 3/4″ gravel in your grow beds, but it is twice as heavy, it might change the pH of your system, and it is tough on your hands!
Grow media will typically ship directly from the distribution center closest to you so shipping will be calculated separately. Click here to learn more.
GROW BED TABLES – We have designed exceptionally strong, galvanized steel, easy-to-assemble grow bed tables with stabilizing feet.